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Agreement Mediation Services

Conflict and disputes are consuming, unsettling, and upsetting for anyone but thankfully, can easily be resolved. Mediation is a far less intrusive and expensive route than taking legal action and can work within a day if the need to win, or to prove a point, is forfeited. An understanding of the complexities of human nature, is needed for effective mediation to take place, and a managed process takes care of the rest. Throughout, both parties will be assured that it is confidential, that they are respected and equally important in reaching a fair compromise. The beauty of mediation is that both parties are in control from the beginning. This is the advantage over litigation proceedings, small claims court, or a tribunal.
Its’ success requires four basic principles from both parties : an approach check, a desire for resolve, fairness, and an open mind. Approaching mediation with flexibility, respect, the willingness to listen and consider each other’s perspective, will further enhance a positive outcome.
To facilitiate effective mediation, I offer my experience as an accredited psychotherapist with fifteen years of professional practice, dealing with relational conflicts, emotional issues and people problems. My undertanding of personailities and communication styles, will ensure both parties are fully heard, understood, and conveyed accurately as I collate and deliver intermediary exchanges. Atuned listening skills and an ability to identify underlying barriers, will also afford every chance of a successful result.
It is not the conflict that is the issue, it is not recognising the potential to resolve it.

AMS Mediation is offered online, and is registered as a fixed fee service with CMC.

Other programmes available on request, tailor made and adapted to the group or organisations needs.

I, Vicky Clarke, is an accredited mediator qualified through P.D.S.L. London. The service is professionally insured, and I am registered as an associate member of the Civil Mediation Society, abiding by their codes of practice. My contract of service guarantees equal neutrality to both parties, and should any conflict of interest arise, it will be addressed once identified, at any stage in the process. The strictest of confidentiality is ensured from first contact, and records are kept according to ICO guidelines. Mediation does not require legal training, and does not add to the mediation success or unilateral result, but either party may consult with a solicitor any time prior to, or throughout the process.

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